Procedure of Hajj and Umrah:Part-02

Furthermore, the command in 6:162 is to dedicate all our rituals to the name of God alone. To dedicate two or three days for the name of Satan is in violation of this command. 

5.God Almighty has prescribed to us in the Quran the only way to deal with the devil and that is to seek refuge in God and not to throw silly stones! 

"Say, ‘My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the whispers of the devils, and I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they come near me" 23:98 

It is no surprise after this obvious act of idolatry, to find that most of the people who die every year during Hajj in fact die at the location of the stoning, could this be a hint from God to warn the masses of their act of idolatry? 

4.The Hajj garments 
It has been a tradition that in Hajj men should wear two seamless white wrappings, one worn around the waist and the other thrown loosely over the shoulder. Also nothing made of metal may be worn to the extent that even a safety pin may not be used to tie the wrappings together! 

When we look closely at this deep rooted tradition we find that not only does it contradict the wisdom of the Quran, but it also violates a clear Quranic verse. When we contemplate the wisdom of the Quran, we clearly realise that on no occasion is a dress code a requirement of any ritual or form of worship. Instead God Almighty stresses the fact that He will judge people by what is in the heart and not by what they wear: 
"Only those who came to God with a pure heart (will be saved)" 26:89 
The tradition goes that the Hajj garments are a part of the state of ‘Ehraam’. The word ‘Ehraam’ in Arabic means abstention, thus these garments are worn so as to abstain oneself from anything ostentatious. However all the requirements of ‘Ehraam’ are also included in the Quran, and they do not speak of any dress code. The only abstentions mentioned in the Quran during Hajj are abstentions from war, hunting, sex, cutting one’s hair, misconduct and arguments. 
More important, the Hajj garments, which have become an integral part of the Hajj violates the following Quranic verse: 
"O children of Adam, you shall take ‘Zinatakom’ to every masjid" 7:31 
The word ‘Zinatakom’ means (your Zina). The word ‘Zina’ literally means adornments or anything worn to make oneself beautiful. Since the verse said "every masjid" and no exception in the Quran has been made to this totality, then it must be understood that this includes the ‘Masjid Al-Haraam’ as well. God does not forget or make mistakes, if He wished to exclude the ‘Masjid Al-Haraam’ from this command He would have surely done so. What this really means is that God wants us to dress in nice clothes and adorn ourselves with beautiful things, as long as we are not too flashy, so as to treat the visit to the masjid as a happy and festive occasion. 
One cannot help but wonder, what could be more genuine than celebrating the trip to answer God"s call in a happy and peaceful manner? 
I have often contemplated the happy mood and nice appearance of Christians when they go to Christmas Mass. In a way I have always seen good things in that. Commemorating and glorifying the Lord God should always be a happy occasion, not a terrifying experience! I suppose our behaviour stems from our nature (Arabs in particular) of dramatizing everything, and in indulging in morbid states of self denial, thinking that the exaggerated gloom adds an air of sincerity to our actions!!! Again this is far from the truth. The credibility of any action or its sincerity lies only in the heart. 
The classic excuse given by the Muslims for wearing the Hajj garments is their claim that it equates the rich with the poor. They add that the poor will not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by their dress since all look alike. The answer to that is very simple. The Friday congregational prayer has no dress code, everyone wears what they like, yet no one feels uncomfortable or embarrassed by what they wear. It is not a problem simply because the general mood of the people in the masjid is one of worship, no one is interested in what others are wearing! If the mood in the Hajj is even much more of an adoration to God Almighty, it does not make sense to think that it would be a problem to anyone. 

Furthermore, the poor person would be better off going to Hajj in whatever clothes he’s got. This will save him the expense of going out and buying the Hajj costume (towels, special sandals and leather belt). 

If 7:31 provides us with the Quranic evidence that the Hajj dress code is not Quranic, there is also a rational and logical confirmation to reject the dress code. To explain this logic it must first be stressed that God will never command the believers to perform a certain practice and then make it impossible for them to exercise it. God decreed for us to perform Hajj anytime during the four specified months. Now, if the present dress code was a genuine requirement for Hajj, and due to the corruption of today’s Muslim in restricting the Hajj to a ten day period, it would be impossible for a genuine believer to go to such places as Arafat to perform the rites of Hajj dressed in the Hajj garments anytime outside the ten day period. The corrupt authorities would not permit him to do so, further still he would probably be stoned by the idol worshippers! However, and if he is dressed in normal clothes, he would be allowed in and given access to do a ‘Umrah’ and also be permitted to visit Arafat in plain clothes. In actual fact he would be doing his Hajj. God the Most Merciful by allowing the believers to wear normal clothes during Hajj has in effect made it possible for them to follow His law anytime during the four months in spite of the idol worshippers. 

5.Hajj by Deputisation! 
God asserts the fact that no soul will be accountable to the sins of another, and also that no soul will be credited from the deeds of another. In other words, each soul will be held accountable only to what it has done. 
"Every soul is rewarded only for his/her own work" 53:39 
" soul benefits except from its own work....." 6:164 

In spite of these clear assurances in the Quran, we find Muslims today doing Hajj and Umrah for their dead relatives. They do that in accordance with various hadith that say that the prophet supposedly said that you can do Hajj, fast Ramadan, and also give Zakat on behalf of your dead relatives!

The sad matter here is that they have believed unconfirmed hadith and ignored clear Quranic verses! Had they believed the Quran they would have known that these hadith are lies and that the prophet of God is innocent of such lies. Needless to say, the prophet would never preach what contradicts the Quran. 

6.Ihram (abstentions) during Umrah! 
The word "Ihram" is used in the Quran in close relation to the "Shahr Al-Haram" (the sacred months). These are clearly defined as being four months, during which Hajj may be observed. However, when Muslims observe their Umrah anytime during the year, they still get into a state of Ihram and the men wear the Hajj garments! 

Needless to say this is contrary to the law of the Quran, which dictates that "Ihram" (abstention) should only be observed during the four sacred months of Hajj. As per the Quran, the believers may visit the Sacred Masjid and observe their Umrah without having to be confined to the abstentions outlined by God for Hajj. 

7.Women not allowed to perform Hajj without a Mihrim! 
Corrupt Islamic regulations forbid any woman to observe hajj or umrah without being in the company of a "mihrim". By definition, a Mihrim is any male who in God"s law is not entitled to marry the woman in question. Thus for any woman, her father, brother, son, grandfather ..... etc are all Mihrim. Not only does this corrupt restriction have no Quranic basis, but it is also an insult to all women. 

God never set such restrictions in the Quran on women. Needless to say, it is one of a string of countless cultural male enforced rules by which the Muslim men subject their women to subordination. The origin of this corrupt condition, not surprisingly comes from yet another hadith that says that no man shall be in the company of a woman alone and in seclusion. Besides the fact that this rule is non-Quranic, a crowd of around two million visitors to Mecca during Hajj can hardly be described as a "seclusion"! Moreover, and to prove that this rule is nothing but a sign of male dominated cultures, we may rightly inquire, that if it is prohibited for a male to be in the company of a woman alone, then why is the man not also required to take a Mihrim (his mother, sister ... etc) with him in hajj and umrah? 

8.Women(during menstruation) deprived of their Prayers, (and thus not completing Hajj rituals)! 
A good believing woman once said to me: 
"God commanded married couples to abstain from sexual intercourse during the woman"s menstruation (2:222). Yet our Merciful God, who gave us the gift of worshipping Him to nourish our souls, has never deprived man nor woman of worshipping Him at all times (except for those who are intoxicated, or drunk)." 
She added : 
"What authority does man give himself to deprive the woman from observing her Salat, Fasting or indeed coming anywhere near a Masjid during menstruation? What authority does the man have to call us dirty during these days, when in fact, it is God"s system that allows the female body through menstruation to cleanse itself so that our bodies can start afresh? 

Ironically, by the power of God, the very first growth of every man inside his mother"s womb stems from that very same blood that supposedly makes us dirty and undeserving of God"s love and intimacy when we are shedding it. Please show me ANY justice or intelligence in this idolatry." 

In actual fact, I could not give her an answer! The only answer I had was that I am a man who is indeed totally ashamed of other ignorant men who call themselves Muslim yet twist, distort and corrupt God"s words to dominate and keep their women under subjection. 

Their claim that these restrictions come from the teachings of the prophet is yet another great insult to the integrity of the prophet of God. The prophet of God was commanded by God to follow the Quran and nothing else (5:48), and thus the prophet would never teach what is in contradiction to the Quran. 

These corrupted restrictions rob women from their rightful duty to worship God for seven days in every month. In the unlucky event of the woman menstruating during the Hajj days, and by depriving her of her duty to observe her Prayers, they prevent the woman from completing her Hajj rituals. 

Just as the ignorant ones have found some justification in upholding some fabricated hadith that claims that there are certain hours during the day when it is not advisable to worship God (hadith says that it is not advisable to pray during the hour before the sunset "Maghrib" prayer!), they have also upheld fabricated hadith that deprives women of worshipping God for seven days every month! 

Those with any degree of intelligence would surely know that God would never deprive any human being of the benefit of Prayer due to a fault that is not their own! 

If we get drunk it is our fault. God warned us from intoxicants, thus it is understandable that we would be deprived of the gift of Prayer then, for we would not know what we are saying. But what fault has a woman during menstruation to be deprived of the gift of worshipping God Almighty?
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