Procedure of Hajj and Umrah:Part-02

Procedure of Hajj and Umrah

9.Corrupt Misconceptions 

Many corrupt misconceptions have crept into the ideology of Hajj. These misconceptions have no Quranic basis whatsoever. The following are some examples: 

1.Although we are told in the Quran that God commanded Abraham to proclaim Hajj as a fundamental ritual of submission, still the corrupt Muslim scholars claim that Hajj did not become compulsory till the 9th year after Hijrah! 

"We appointed Abraham to establish the Shrine: "You shall not idolize any other god beside Me, and purify My shrine for those who visit it, those who live near it, and those who bow and prostrate. 

"And proclaim that the people shall observe Hajj pilgrimage. They will come to you walking or riding on various exhausted (means of transportation). They will come from the farthest locations." 22:26-27 

The words "And proclaim that the people shall observe Hajj pilgrimage" are self evident. To say after that that Hajj was not made compulsory till after the 9th year of Hijra is a flagrant lie against the Quran. 

2.Another misconception that has no origin in the Quran is the claim that Hajj wipes out all previous sins. There are numerous hadith that say that whoever observes the Hajj returns without sins! Not only does this false concept has no origin in the Quran, but it is also a grave intrusion on God"s Will. We are told in the Quran that God being the Most Merciful may wipe out some of our sins or He may wipe out all of them for whom He pleases. However, to claim any knowledge of the application of God"s Mercy is undoubtedly a grave sin. Had we been told in the Quran that there is one single deed (as Hajj) that would wipe all our sins in a package deal, then we would have had reason to believe in such a concept. Needless to say, there is no such thing in the Quran. 

Had the corrupt scholars read the Quran carefully and believed it, they would have been assured that no one is entitled to claim any knowledge of God"s Mercy. In the following verse God commands the prophet to say that even he does not know what will happen to him: 

"Say (O Muhammad), "I am not different from other messengers. I have no idea what will happen to me or to you. I only follow what is revealed to me. I am no more than a profound warner" 46:9 

We know that the prophet performed his Hajj just before his death yet, contrary to that false concept, he is still to say that he does not know what will happen to him. 

10.Visiting the Prophet"s tomb in Medina and declaring it a second "sacred masjid" 

Unfortunately, most of today's Muslims make it a custom to visit the Prophet Muhammed's tomb in the masjid that carries his name in Medina. By doing that they are committing the most flagrant acts of idolatry and thus nullify their Hajj. 

According to the command in 6:162 we are told that we should dedicate all our rituals to the name of God alone. Hajj is older than the prophet Muhammed himself. Abraham and his descendants performed Hajj, they did not have Muhammad's tomb to visit. And for all the followers of hadith who keep parrotting that they follow the religion in the same way that the prophet did, well, the prophet Muhammad observed his hajj after returning to Mecca, but he did not visit his grave during his hajj, did he? 

The Quran consistently mentions one 'Sacred Masjid' while today's Muslims talk about 'Two Sacred Masjids'! In a glaring act of idolatry, these Muslims have set up Muhammed's tomb as a second 'Sacred Masjid'! This is a clear violation of the Quran where believers are told that the places of worship belong to God alone: 
"The masajid (places of worship) belong to God; do not call on anyone else beside God" 72:18 

And if the hadith followers care little about the Quranic commands in favour of their hadith, then it remains a mystery how they also violate their own hadith which again prohibits them from conducting any prayers at the grave of their messengerss: 
Muslim, Book 4, Number 1083: 
"Jundub reported: I heard from the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) five days before his death and he said: …….. Beware of those who preceded you and used to take the graves of their prophets and righteous men as places of worship, but you must not take graves as mosques; I forbid you to do that." 

The Price of deserting God’s Law 
As a result of the Muslim"s rejection of God"s Law in the Quran for Hajj, the following evils have resulted: 

The average number of Muslims who converge on Mecca annually to observe the Hajj is about two million. However, a conservative estimate of at least ten times this number (20 million) or more world-wide are refused visas due to the limited capacity of the land and facilities. The majority of these applicants may never get another chance to fulfil what is an integral part of their religion. The Quran says that it is the duty of every Muslim to observe Hajj, provided he can afford it, not if he is lucky to get a visa! (see 3:97) 

The question here is how can it be possible that God may decree a ritual for the believers and then make it very difficult for the majority of them to observe? In reality this question is not applicable unless God has in fact decreed only ten days for the Hajj, but because God has granted the believers four months every year to observe the Hajj, it becomes obvious that it is those who have changed God’s law who are really responsible for putting all the obstacles before those wishing to observe Hajj, and for making Hajj an overcrowded, hazardous and tense experience that can only be accomplished by the minority of people. 

If Hajj was spread over the four months appointed by God all those extra millions of Muslims would be able to observe Hajj. The tense atmosphere would also be eliminated. 

Due to the extreme overcrowding, many accidents, fires and deaths occur every year. The majority of the fatalities occur at the sight of the stoning, which is not really a coincidence but a sign from God to the those who perform the idolatrous act of stoning. 
For more information regarding the grave tragedies that have occured through the years, please go to: Stoning Tragedies 

As a result of the limited number of applications allocated for every country for Hajj, an evil situation has arisen where a number of travel agents who organise the Hajj trips have reduced Hajj to becoming an extremely profitable commodity! Some of these parasitic traders only work during the few weeks preceding Hajj extorting huge sums of money from travellers and living off those gains for the rest of the year! What they are doing is making extorted profits from selling what is in fact a religious duty! They advertise by saying ‘If you would like to do the Hajj, it will cost you such amount!’ The sin of making extorted profits from Hajj is not any different from someone saying ‘If you would like to do your Prayers it will cost you so much!’ 

Due to the huge number of people (two million) who visit Mecca in a period of a few days, the number of livestock being slaughtered far exceeds the necessary amount required to feed everyone present. The result of which is that a great amount of meat is wasted, thrown away or rots under the hot sun. Once again, if God’s law was enforced and the Hajj spread over four months, there would be better control on the distribution of the surplus meat. 

Due to the extremely large crowds that are present at one time in a limited space, instead of having ample time for meditation and spirituality, the main concerns of the visitors are reduced to avoiding being robbed by petty thieves, avoiding being detached from their accompanying groups, avoiding being trampled on and avoiding being struck by flying stones at the stoning site! This is not to mention the problems related to washing facilities, cleanliness and hygiene. 

All these negative factors turn the journey of Hajj into a very hectic and strenuous experience instead of being a relaxing spiritual one. 
Needless to say, if the Law of God was enforced, and Hajj was restored to the four sacred months, all these problems would largely be eliminated. 

Due to the corrupt restriction on women, which dictates that they are not allowed to observe their Hajj unless they are accompanied by a Mihrim, the result is that thousands of women are deprived of their rightful right to observe the Hajj. Often the case is that on the particular year when a woman is ready to do her Hajj it is not always possible to find a "mihrim" who is willing to travel and who is also financially able to afford the high cost of the Hajj journey.
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