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Most Popular Islamic Video

Name of Film Time Format
Muhammad: The Last Prophet Cartoon    
90 min FlashPlayer
Your First Night in the Grave New         
2 min FlashPlayer
Christian Americans Turning to Islam     
3 min 15 sec FlashPlayer
Thank Allah                                         
2 min 37 sec FlashPlayer
Cool Islam by Yusuf Estes Part 1 & 2      
20 min FlashPlayer
Shaikh while giving a speech dies, Says his Shahada  
1 min Real Player
Legacy of A Prophet                                                         
10 min 14 sec FlashPlayer
Young Boy who has memorized the Quran                          
4 min FlashPlayer
Turning Muslim in Texas                                                     
24 min FlashPlayer
Yvonne Ridley Interview talks about Islam                          
57 min FlashPlayer
Adthan: The Call to Prayer                                                  
2 min 10 sec FlashPlayer
Watch the life of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH)                
31 min Real Player
Watch Documentary video about the Hajj (CNN)              
9 min Real Player
Watch Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem                                   
1 hr 24 min Real Player
Call for Prayer: Pictures from Madinah                                
3 min 53 sec Real Player
Shahada: Declaration of Faith                                            
30 min Real Player
Salat: How to Perform Daily Prayers                                 
58 min Real Player
Syam: Fasting During Ramadan 
1 hr Real Player
Zakat: Alms Giving 
30 min Real Player
Hajj: The Fifth Pillar of Islam                                             
58 min Real Player
One American Pilgrimage To Mecca (ABC) Excellent        
18 min Real Player
A Tribute to Muhammad Asad, Excellent                             
54 min Real Player
Islam A Way of Life Yusuf Islam (Cat Steven)                     
48 min Real Player
The Future of Mankind Yusuf Islam (Cat Steven)               
48 min Real Player
The Glorious Quran, The Liberator Yusuf Islam                    
1 hr 3 min Real Player
Islam, The Most Misunderstood Religion Yusuf Islam           
30 min Real Player
Recitation of Short Suras (Quran) Yusuf Islam                     
25 min Real Player
Guide to Hajj (Pilgrimage) Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Arabia     
89 min Real Player
Prayers During Hajj - CNN's Coverage via Saudi TV          
1 min 19 sec Quick Time
Spanish Muslims                                                                 
1 hr 46 min Real Player
Former Jehovah witness priest becoming Muslim & others   
57 min Real Player
Hakim Alajuan & Muhammad Ali (HBO Sports)                 
24 min Real Player
Islam In America                                                                 
52 min Real Player
Angela's Conversion to Islam                                              
2 min 55 sec FlashPlayer
Tafseer of the Quran in sign language                                  
1 hr 6 min FlashPlayer
Quran: Surat Al Buruj in sign language                                
4 min 30 sec FlashPlayer
Quran: Surat Al Naba in sign language                                
7 min 30 sec FlashPlayer
Six Year old Hafiza                                                             
9 min 52 sec Real Player
8 years old boy who memorized the Quran by page number and line Download 9 min 46 sec
Report on Colombia         
6 min 11 sec
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