MP3 About Prophet Mohammed(Saw)

Timeline of the Life of Prophet Mohammed:

Download 570 CE =>Birth of Mohammed mp3
Download 610 CE=> He receives the first vision in a cave near Makkah mp3

Download 610-622 CE =>Mohammed preaches in Makkah

Download 622 CE =>Hijra – Mohammed and followers flee to Medina.
Download Islamic calendar (AH, Anno Hegirae) begins. mp3

Download 624 CE=> Muslims successfully attack Makkahn caravan at Badr. mp3

Download 625 CE =>Muslims are defeated by Makkahns at Uhud.

Download 630 CE=> Muslims capture Makkah. Ka’ba is cleansed, pilgrimage rites are Islamicized,tribes of Arabia vow allegiance to Mohammed. mp3

Download 632 CE=> Death of Mohammed. mp3

Biography of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) by Martin Lings

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