Vocational (S.S.C ) exam result-Technical Education board

When S.S.C examination result of Technical education board will be published? How will we get the Technical board s.s.c exam result and where it will be published ? Only the single solution is Bookmark islamsspirit.blogspot.com and input your roll number and get your s.s.c exam result of Technical education board.
There is another burning question, why we can not access result from www.technicaleducationboardresults.gov.bd and teletalk education ministry at the public results ( P.Sc, J.S.C, JDC, S.s.c, Dakhil , H.Sc and Alim) publishing priod?
The reasons behind that are:
  • Most of the result seeker hit govt. result site at the same time.
  • The bandwidth ( access capability) is not more than 100000 at the same time.
  • Bangladeshi education board does not published results from only single database platform.
Bangladeshi internet is not to stronger than outer side of the country who are trying to get result of their relative from foreign country at the result publishing time.

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