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Now Namaz Dua Ve Sureler-Sesli App.Quran supreme in this program in your prayers so that the following
okunuşlarını, Turkish and voice dinletilerini bulablirsiniz purviews.
"Subhaneke", "Ettehiyyätü", "Allahumma Salli", "AllâhummeBarik", "Rabbena athens", "Rabbenâğfirli", "Kunut Duas", "Fatiha Surat al-", "Elephant Surat al-", "Qureshi is a Surat al-", "Maun duration," , "Kawthar time", "Kafirun time", "Nasr Period", "Tebbet time", "Ihlas time", "Fela time", "Surah Nas," "Ayetu` l Course "
PRAYER - The Importance of Prayer
If you were asked to tell you converted to Islam in one word, "prayer" can say. Therefore, prayer is the Messenger of Allah, "the middle pillar of religion," he has described. (Ibid al-Hindi. I/278 (1372), Abu Nairn's.)People were created to recognize God. (K. ez-Dhariyat (51) 56: See also, ACLU [M1] I [M2], Kesfu'I-khafa N/173.) God tanımışlığın good indicator of the most beautiful prayer.
The nature of the prayer gathering there. Onda is a piece of worship all kinds. (Imam Rabbani, Letters helps explain, it's nice.)So beloved Prophet (PBUH) 's colleagues said: "We leave the faith, prayer, worship, ie no other. Saymazdık equivalent to an unbeliever," they said.The highest authority in the world until at least everyone on the same side in görülenine gather to pray before God all are equal as human beings no further action is a highlight.Prayer saves people a sense of loneliness. Lindsay Lohan at least five times a daywhenall that is in the back of the world and who, at least in this flick, you want to say:Aside from all the world is enough for me, God. I do not know anyone else except him bows.Allah-u Akbar = The great God, and I also did not need him, so I admit my namazıma.
Holy Prophet himself through prayer is a gift from God, sent to us, how we reject it?
Lailat al Miraj gift of prayer believers are being counted. An elevator that raises prayer So people can see the realm of signification. Tutunmayanlar humiliated him down the will.
Perhaps the least of people who need prayer, God's Messenger Muhammed. But he also understands the best prayer is human.So he stands up to soak up the kıldığıolurdu prayer. On one occasion our mother Aisha had pity on him: "O Messenger of Allah, Allah has forgiven your past sins, says that all future, so why exhaust yourself so much?" He also asks that:
"Is it not I be a grateful servant?" said. (Bukhari commentary 48, teheccüd 6; Muslim, münafikûn 79, 81) So, we pray, thank God, a tool which its countless blessings, ie tesekkürdür.
Now you must understand better how it is purity of heart. So, pray kılmamayı heart clean, but rather requires making.

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But prayer has a requirement for all these good effects: make it as yüzyüzeymis God. Other words, "are humble" or "ihsan".Talking to God, praying, counting himself in that way. Pray for him that made it impassable. Speakers, terbiyesizliktir pass through.
This is why Allah (SWT) "prayer in remembrance of me." (Ta-ha (20) 14) said. So pray for His remembrance and forgetting to mention that worships.
This is why Allah (swt): "salat performed directly prevents people from all unrighteousness." (Akebût (29) 45) said. Anyone, for forty days, not just a week, or even a day huşû'lu clearly sees only render prayer. But I thought possible, kontaktta possible.
Messenger of Allah, and so tired of this world meşgaleleriyle sıkıldığızamanlarda: "O Bilal, get up, heal us!" (Abu Dawud, 78 privates; Musnad V/364, 371), ie, read the call to prayer in the prayer kılalım, buyururlardı.
When they stopped to pray and some of his companions unuturlardı everything other than Allah. Even one of the arrow lodged in his back. Do not rely on pain of çıkaramıyorlardı. So he stopped to pray, was released. Not even heard of. (Bk for a similar event. Kandıhlevî, NI/605 Hayâtu's-Sahaba.)
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What's in this version:
Sorun 1.3 Duzeltmesi
Dualar secilirken ekranin siyah renk olma sorunu duzeltildi.
Hata 1.2 Duzeltmesi
Butun din kardeslerimden ozur dileriz.
"Ayetel Kursi" ile "Nas" suresi karismis.
Bu sorun duzeltildi.
Hata 1.1 duzeltmesi
Arama yapildiginda listeden "Dua" secildiginde yanlis "Dua"'nin acilma sorunu giderildi.
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