Mubarek Geceler,Ibadet Ve Dua App

 Mubarek Geceler,Ibadet Ve Dua App
Holy night only mentioned in the Qur'an as follows:
"By the Book that makes manifest who, one night we sent down blessed him. No doubt we uyarmaktayız people." (Dukhan 3)"The Night of Power is better than a thousand months." (Kadir 3)

Kandil kılındığı night prayers, recited the Qur'an, where prayers and brought plenty of Salavat-i şerifelerin night after night.

Mawlid al-Nabi
Laylat al-Mi'raj
The Night of Decree
"Prayer and Worship Recommended done Mubarak days and nights," called this masterpiece, described some of the prayers, fasting and prayers about the "absolutely kılınmalı, kept, read," has received such statements. However, as described here and the recommended acts of worship, supererogatory acts of worship is the phrase, is not mandatory to be fulfilled. However, this "always" with the words, not only described the importance of worship in vain, and asked to be pointed out that the size of the reward will be given in return.

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Indeed kudsîde Hadith-i:
بالفررئض نجى منى عبدى و بالنوافل يتقرب الى
buyurularak "my servant Farzlarla gadabımdan (azabımdan) saved. Nâfilelerle me (my rızama) approach", ordered.Thus, although not obligatory to perform supererogatory acts of worship, the worship servant closer to God.So, anyone who wants to nail the spiritual ranks, as far as possible fulfill the described acts of worship. Unless the mes'ûliyeti not a spiritual.
In this embodiment,
"Night of Mawlid"
"Regâib Night",
"Night of Ascension",
"Berâet Night",
"Rights of Parents to Pay",
"Husamâ Prayer"
"Some Recommendations",
"Duha, Evvâbin, Tahajjud Prayer"
"Rosary Prayer"
"Sajda verses asylum",
"Prayer to be read while you are sleeping,"
"Marshmallow-i Anbiya from" is mentioned.
Mubarek brothers in Islam get better.
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