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Description of App
With the help from Allah i have created this project for all Muslims  in hop to spread the knowledge of Islam.

I work Very hard to provide the most accurate information and the smallest possible size within my knowledge my Islamic apps are and will be always free of charge and free of ads This is an ongoing project that will include something new Inshaa Allah.
Included in this release:
1- The Book of Hisn Al Muslim (complete)
2- Ramadan information and fatwa regarding Ramadan.
3- 99 Names Of Allah
Features of App

English / Arabic translations (in the main activity top right hand corner button)
App 2 SD

Screenshots of App

Permissions of App
This application requires no special permissions to run.
What's in this version:
[New] New name for the app please make note of that.
[Fix] Foreclose issue on some devices (please let me know if any issues come up)
[Fix] Larger font in the titles.
[Fix]Orientation change in Names Of Allah.
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