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Description of App

Android based app to ready ahadith daily, get hadith everyday. Paid app for Free Hi to all Muslims. This is a very usefull app for all the Muslims over the World. 
Now you can read the Hadith daily on your android device. Just download.
Features of App
> Can read the Hadith on your android device daily
> Can updated every morning
> Text size is adjustable
> Change the text color
> Can select different font style
> Can change the heading color & style
> Zoom effect with finger touch
> Registration link with Zoxcell for more free apps
Can read the hadith from these books:
Abu Dawood
Arbain Nawawi
Sahih Bukhari
Hadith A Qudsi
Ibne Maja
Muta Imam Malik
Sahih Muslim
An Nasaiأبو دواوود العربية
أربعين النووي العربية
صحيح البخاري باللغة العربية
حديث القدسي العربية
حديث ابن ماجا العربية
الامام مالك مؤته العربية
صحيح مسلم العربية

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