Android Hijri WCC App

Hijri WCC App
Download Hijri WCC App.The best and most accurate Hijri calendar and widget.Hijri Widget, Calendar, and Converter (WCC).This 3-in-1 app is 100% accurate and Umm Alqura compliant for recent years.
1) Hijri widget.
2) Month view Hijri calendar.
3) Conversion between Greg/Hijri and vice versa.
  • Month view calendar of Greg and Hijri.
  • Widget to display today's date (both Hijri and Greg.)
  • Widget date can be increased or decreased by 3 days.
  • Hijri to Gregorian conversion.
  • Gregorian to Hijri conversion.
  • Ability to choose the first day of the week for the calendar.
  • Supports English and Arabic (through app menu).
Permissions of App
This application requires no special permissions to run.
What's in this version:
Better UI that is easier to use
Added +/- 3 days to widget instead of 1
Tablet support
Added month-view calendar
Accurate date conversion for years 1430-1434
User Reviews

Android Hijri WCC App Android Hijri WCC App Reviewed by Engel on 9:52 AM Rating: 5
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