Islamic Android- Salah app download

Android Salah Apps
MuezzinPhone is an application for the Muslims, who can be notified of exact times of prayer in any city in the world, to indicate the direction of Mecca using a compass and listen to the call of the Muezzin directly on their phone. It can also read the verses of the Quran .It includes features for free and others pay.
The following features are available: 
1 / Configure the notification of hours of prayer 
- Choice of the city (more than 2 million available cities in the world) 
- Possibility to choose the prayers that you want to be notified of the 5 daily prayers 
2 / compass indicating the Qibla (direction of Mecca) 
3 / audio player for listening to the call of the Muezzin 
4 / Choice of conducting the Muezzin call to prayer 
5 / afichage verses from the Koran