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Finally A Book Thats Not Too THICK in Children's FiQh, So We Can Teach And Make It STICK! Children's FiQh is a poem designed to teach children everything they need to know about Basic FiQh ( Islaamic Law ). It has been designed to assist the mind in memorizing and retrieving as necessary. While the poems are rhythmic, they are music free and has its basis from the Qur-aan and Authentic Sunnah, walHamdulillaah.
With 18 poems which tackle and identify issues such as
:Tahaarah ( Wudoo' )
:Both Obligatory & Voluntary Prayers ( as-Salaat )
:Siyam and RamaDaan
:Conditions of Repentance ( at-Taubah )
and many other subject matters that will lead, insha'Allaah, a child into a state of being a MuKallafoon ( becoming Accountable for their own action with Allaah ).
We make du'aa that everyone one of us will benefit greatly from these series of poems, ameen. 
From everyone at " My School " ( the Childrens Division of The F.I.K.S. ) MaSalaama
This application has access to the following: 
Network communication
full Internet access
Allows an application to create network sockets.
Network communication
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Allows an application to view the state of all networks.
What's in this version:
Initial Release.
Supports Tablets (Honey Comb) also

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