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Salaat Time is a 100% multi-function Islamic purpose that calculates the prescribed five daily Muslim prayer times as well as Qiblah direction for anywhere in the world.

It rests in the system tray and at the prescribed times the Athan sounds and/or displays visual alerts.

Some other features include: being very easy to use; selecting from a variety of included Athans or using your own; setting a different Athan at each prayer or using random mode; discreet visual alerts such as balloon tips, tray flash, and Qiblah direction in a graphical format; Quran recitation of selected Suras; time until next prayer; transforming Hijri dates to Gregorian and vice-versa; daily, monthly, and yearly prayer time views; exporting/printing monthly prayer time calendars. 
Version 1.1 adds Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) support for advanced users. Third-party applications can now connect to Salaat Time and use it as a prayer time server. Also added are detailed tool tips on Fardh andSunnah Muakkadah prayers.You can download it easily ........................

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