Companions of Prophets(In Bengali translation)

An informative series of real life stories of the greatest heroes of Islam, Prophet Muhammad’s (S) companions. The reader will learn how ordinary people heard and came to accept the message of Islam. These books are great for children, teenagers, new Muslims, as well as for adults.

This book highlights aspects of the lives of Companions of the Prophet. Here the trials and triumphs of the early Muslims as individuals are well-portrayed. Their various paths to Islam – sometimes direct, sometimes long and tortuous, their devotion to the noble Prophet, their endeavors in peace time and their exploits in war – all serve to cast them in a heroic mound. The lives of the Sahabah or Companions of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, is a rich storehouse of knowledge, guidance and inspiration. The men and women whose stories are told here helped to lay the foundations of a new world order, and it is only fitting that they should be more widely known.
Companions of Prophets