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God,Messengers,Angels Last Day,Prayer,Zakat Fasting Hajj,Women Hijab,Jihad,Book,
Islam is the fastest growing religion in North America, Europe, and throughout the World.Many Non-Muslims today have a false understanding of Islam from: Hollywood movies, entertainment television,
and what they hear on the evening news. All of which depict a distorted image of Islam, expanding the level of confusion along with many misconceptions.The West sees Islam as a threat to their way of life. As a result, we are faced with what society refers to as the "Clash of Cultures".In this application, we have invited Muslims from all aspects of life to describe the basic principles of Islam in their own words.This documentary gives a clear view of the basic principles of Islam that guide Muslims in their daily lives.

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Following Islamic concepts are explained in this application
1. The Oneness of God
2. Belief in Messengers and Books
3. Belief in Angels and Final Day
4. Prayer
5. Zakat, Fasting and Hajj
6. Women in Islam (Hijab)
7. Jihad
8. People of the Book
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