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Android Masnoon Dua App
Masnoon dua,Ramadan, supplication, durood shareef, Islamic, urdu, English.
Masnoon Duas is offered with the intention of providing a comprehensive, single access volume that highlights prayers and holy verses for a wide array of situations and everyday functions of life. These divine words provide duas in a variety of audio and written languages in a easy to navigate, and aesthetically appealing design that perfumes the sanctity of these bouquets of Islamic knowledge. The app has the following salient features:

Abundant Blessings: Over 25+ prayers for various facets of life including
1) Durood Shareef
2) Day and Night Supplications
3) Azkars
- Multiple Audio Tracks: Recitation in Arabic, Translation in English and Urdu.
- Multiple Texts: Available in Arabic, English, Urdu.  
- Care & Share: Instantly send a dua to your loved ones via email.
- Navigational Control: Easy singly touch navigation control features
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